Simcity Buildit Hack for iOS & Android

If you’re passionate about architecture or you simply like building things, Simcity is the perfect game for you. Build initially for computer and gaming consoles, this game is quite popular amongst users everywhere. The initial video game was released in 1989 and has known wide levels of popularity even then. As the devices developed, the game moved on with them until in 2013, the mobile version was released: Simcity Buildit Hack for iOS & Android.

Simcity Buildit Hack is designed to work on Android and iOS devices and it is a freemium version. This means that you can download and install it for free, but there will be in-app purchases if, at any point in the game, you want to move faster.

simcity buildit hack

The gameplay

This is an open-ending city-building game so, normally, your main purpose is to build a city. The fun part is that you can actually build the city of your dreams using the tools provided by the game. The challenging part is that your city is populated and you will be the mayor who’s in charge of keeping everyone happy.

Just like with previous versions, your city will produce money from people’s taxes so the bigger the city, the more money you’ll have. Of course, most of the money will go in maintenance and development but this actually means you get to advance in the game.

At the start however, you will have to make do with the provided budget. Also, there are several mandatory buildings that must be installed before anything else (the courthouse, buildings in charge of health, education, safety, leisure, and parks). Once you create a cozy environment, the people will come.

How to play

The main purpose, besides building the most amazing city in the world, is to create as much tax money as possible. This means knowing how to place your buildings in order to maximize their productivity. For instance, there is no point in placing residential buildings in a highly industrialized area as no one will want to live there. However, if you place an office building there, people will want to rent the space out for their businesses.

The controls in Simcity Buildit Hack are simple and they come naturally on a mobile platform. Thus, you can use tap to place buildings, pinch and zoom to get a better look at the city, or rotate 3560 degrees to see everything from a new perspective.

Features that make the game great

The game offers 3D-quality graphics so you can see your amazing city from all angles. Even more, the attention to details is absolutely fantastic as everything is well-represented and the colors are vivid creating a joyful atmosphere.

One other feature we loved is that you can trade resources with friends and other cities using trading points like airports or harbors. This helps a lot in times of crisis when certain resources are missing from your cities – after all you wouldn’t want to get with a strike on your hands, right?

We also loved the fact that the game is quite realistic. For instance, your citizens will stop paying taxes if you don’t solve their crisis in due time. Crises include fires, pollution, or traffic related issues and you have to implement the necessary authorities to handle everything.