Real Racing 3: Unlimited Money and Gold

Do you like racing and ultra-cool looking cars? Well then, this is definitely the game for you! The fun part is that with the latest mobile platforms, you can take your racing game with you wherever you go.  Thus, you won’t have to invest tons of money in a powerful PC; your phone or table will enough! Real Racing 3 works on iOS, Android, NVidia Shield, and even BlackBerry 10 so you won’t be missing your favorite game anytime soon.

Real Racing 3 is a freemium racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studio and published via EA Games As you can imagine, the game is a sequel to Real Racing 1 and 2, but the first versions were available only in paid format. With Real Racing 3 you have the possibility to play the game for free and only invest money when you want to move forward faster.

real racing 3 unlimited money and gold

Gameplay & Unique Features

Just like with any racing game, the goal in Real Racing 3 is to get to the finish and be the first one. If you do, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of success and you’ll also get to win Real Racing 3 unlimited money and gold. With your earnings, you’ll be able to buy new cars and items to help you advance in the game.

Now, what’s so exciting about that? There are tons of racing games out there that follow the same pattern! Well, Real Racing 3 comes with several unique features that will keep you hooked in the race!

Amazing video quality

Considering the fact that the game is designed to run on mobile platforms, you will definitely be amazed by the video quality! The movement is extremely smooth and every detail is taken care of. Even more, the landscape looks amazing!

Real actually means real

In the game, you will get to drive real cars (well, virtual replicas of the real ones). You will start with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS (this will be lend to you) and then, using your Real Racing 3 unlimited money and gold, you’ll have to choose between a Nissan Silvia S15 and a Ford Focus RS as your first car. After this, the road if free and you can get to drive over 140 amazing vehicles from iconic manufacturers life Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford, or Mercedes-Benz.

Real Tracks

If you ever dreamed of driving a race car on one of the biggest racing tracks in the world, now you have the chance! Real Race 3 offers access (virtual, of course) to tracks like Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome, or Silverstone.

However, to get to drive all these cars and test the real tracks, you’ll have to pass level 6 (the level where you start getting Real Racing 3 unlimited money and gold) and earn as many fame points as possible. As you advance, you’ll see that the game is divided in series and that each series is divided into sub-series, to make things a bit more interesting and challenging.