Angry Birds Go: a crazy race to the finish

If you’re a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, you’ll be happy to know that there is yet another game to make you smile. Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game developed by Rovio Entertainment in collaboration with Exient Entertainment and is one of the most successful mobile games on the Android and iOS platforms. However, the game is also available on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 as well.

angry birds go

The gameplay

Just like with any racing game, the devil is in the details. With Angry Birds Go! you get to enjoy racing with your favorite birds in the video game industry while trashing the Piggy island in a forever-cool kart. As you advance in the game, you get to choose or create amazing-looking carts that will take you at light speed to the finish.

Still, being a racing game, you will also have to collect Angry Birds coins and gems, and try, for as much as possible, to avoid the obstacles which are cleverly placed in front of your racing kart. Besides the adrenaline raising race, you also get to enjoy some amazing graphics and the beloved characters that also showed up in the movie.

One unique feature is the fact that you can choose how to guide the kart through the race. There are two options: tilt and touch. If you choose tilt, you’ll have to actually tilt the device left or right for the kart to go in that direction. If you choose touch, a tap on the screen will suffice.

Of course, to be in accordance to the Angry Birds franchise, the start is given with the help of a large slingshot which launches the karts into the race. Even more, each character has a special power that can be used during the race or it can be collected as gems at the end of the race. As you can see, Angry Birds coins and gems are quite important for the game as they will help you grow and reach new levels.

Angry Birds coins and gems are used when you’re not racing to upgrade the kart. It’s some sort of tinkering if you want, that will get you into the next big race and win you more coins and gems.

Why we love it

Well, besides the fact that it unites us one more time with the gang of Angry Birds, the game is exciting. It is catchy for both children and adults and it’s a great way to kill time when there’s nothing else to do.